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About Us

In Central America and the Caribbean, millions of people are dying because they have no access to affordable healthcare. Millions more are living with very treatable illnesses because they don't have access to healthcare providers… 
Dr. David Roth, GHP Board Member

The Global Health Partners Model

Success through Partnership

We help secure permanent improvements not by delivering medical charity on an interim basis, but by strenghtening the capacity of our Latin American partners to independently meet their communities' maternal and child healthcare challenges.

  • We partner with local healthcare authorities and healthcare workers to identify their most urgent needs.
  • We train local doctors in surgical skills and technological advancements.
  • We train rehabilitation specialists to support people with developmental disabilities and help them live more normal lives.
  • We educate healthcare workers and patients' families to meet community and patient healthcare needs.
  • We optimize existing local resources to limit dependence upon donated resources.

Organizational Founding Principle: Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer, as recognized by the World Health Organization, is a model that international relief and humanitarian workers use to develop local sustainable capacity to provide appropriate services. All GHP missions share an abiding belief in the power of this model to improve healthcare access to women and children in Latin America; and our volunteers know how to best implement it in local regions. Our training and technical assistance increases the number of healthcare workers who are adequately trained to meet public healthcare needs.

  • Professional and community healthcare providers are trained in specific interventions.
  • Newly-acquired techniques are evaluated through demonstrations.
  • Newly-trained individuals assume responsibility to train other professionals or community workers, thus multiplying the number of people who can provide particular services.